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A prestigious new suburb from Milnerton Estates

Residential and Commercial Now Selling

Land uses and Housing Potential:

  • While Sandown is predominantly a residential development, it also provides a significant area of open space and a wide range of educational and commercial mixed-use opportunities.
  • From a built environment point of view, the range of development opportunities will create an urban landscape with contrasts in height, massing and architectural appearance. This, together with the undulating topography, will ensure an interesting urban landscape.
  • While it is the intention to provide a higher income residential living environment, the range of residential opportunities will also allow new homeowners to buy into the development, as well as providing high-end investment opportunities for the well-established homeowners.
  • The residential component provides for a range of residential products, ranging from smaller entry level erven through medium to the larger erven.
  • Additionally, higher density apartment development along Sandown Road will be incorporated into the mixed-use fabric of this linear zone.

Development opportunities / potential:

  • Commercial opportunities include both retail (shops) and offices, positioned along Sandown Road – the “commercial precinct”.
  • A total of 93,000sq metres of commercial bulk has been approved for development in this precinct.
  • To put this in perspective, that’s the same size as 18 rugby fields.
  • Sandown Road is the new road link between the West Coast Road (R27) and the National Road to the north (N7).
  • Residential opportunities, some 1,500 to 2,000 residential homes are to be built here with plot sizes typically ranging from 300 to 750m².
  • Institutional and education. The Parklands College (Sandown Campus) has been established here. Now amongst the top 15 schools in the Western Cape, this college occupies 15.5Ha of land allowing for further expansion of the school.

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